Sharing code between Studio One and StudioLive AI
Published on 2014-01-31

In an interview with SPL (SoundProLive), Bob Tudor (CTO, PreSonus Audio Electronics) gave some insight on how we share software technology between Studio One and the new StudioLive AI mixer platform.

"As an enterprise, we share a code base used in all our software. iPad, iPhone, embedded, DAW, etc.. and soon Notion branded products. This was an initiative we started years ago. It is a hill to climb combining the cultures, rewriting working products with zero visible gain, etc. but in 2013 and the AI series we arrived.

By running an advanced OS (Linux) on an ARM core, we inherited so much capability from Studio One's code base because we can use shared code cross-compiled. Matthias Juwan (founder and software architect of Studio One) is a good friend and I consulted heavily with him. It was refreshing for me to learn some new things from the younger crowd. We opted to use a plugin interface for all the DSP that he defined among other strong contributions that make it easy to move code in and out of the mixer and Studio One.

It is most accurate to say that the DNA of our German engineers has been morphed together with that of our mixer culture. We share tricks. We share code. We share methodology, all of which improves our technology on both ends."

The full interview can be read here.