Studio One RC1
Published on 2009-07-15

Today we have build the first Release Candidate of Studio One. So, what does this mean? It is one of the last milestones in the software development process before mass production. The BETA phase is over, all features are there and the version undergoes thorough testing and we fix the final serious bugs if there are any.

Production will start in August, and the assembled Studio One boxes should hit the stores in the US at the beginning of September. An international release is planned for later this year, but no exact dates are scheduled yet.

A quick run through some details about Studio One you might be interested in:


Studio One is available for Mac OS X (10.4 and 10.5) and Windows (XP and Vista). There are two installers for Windows, one for the x86 architecture (32 Bit) and the other for x64 (64 Bit). Btw, please do not mix this up with the processing precision of our audio engine, which can be single (32 Bit) or double (64 Bit), regardless of the CPU architecture.

Copy Protection

There is no dongle. We think copy protection should be painless for the paying customer. We use digitally signed licenses, issued by our registration server. A license is bound to a user account and a computer. Activation can be done directly within Studio One or via manual license transfer if your Mac or PC is not connected to the Internet.

Studio One Flavors

Studio One comes in three flavors:

1) The full version of Studio One with all the cool stuff we developed during the past three years. It is a complete music production solution to Record, Mix, Master and Publish your music, even with integrated CD Burning and several Gigabytes of content.

2) Studio One Artist, a fully functional entry-level version which is not crippled by track count limitation, etc. Basically, it does not feature the Project Page (Mastering, CD Burning), some of our advanced native effects and it does not support 3rd party plug-ins (no VST, AU, ReWire). This version will be bundled with the upcoming PreSonus audio interfaces and it will also be available for separate purchase.

3) A time-limited, save-disabled demo version which can be freely downloaded from the web. It should give you an idea about the workflow of Studio One.

Thanks for your attention.