Studio One Demo
Published on 2009-08-24

As you might have already noticed, the demo version of Studio One is now available as free download for all platforms (Windows x86, Windows x64 and Mac OS X).

If you do not have a PreSonus Account yet, you have to go through the registration process once. If you feel like complainig about registration for a demo at this point, please read on...

Providing any personal data is optional, all you basically need is a valid e-mail address.

The Studio One versioning scheme is based on Product Keys. The identity of the program is able to change by reactivating it with a new Product Key. You do not have to reinstall Studio One if you choose to purchase or upgrade it later. All you have to do is to install the additional content that comes with the Studio One DVDs. This can be done at any time from the "Help/Studio One Installation..." menu.

Additionally, your PreSonus Account is a central place for accessing the most recent installers and licenses from any of your computers.

The demo version does not allow to save and export files and it will timeout after a period of 30 days. Feeling annoyed about this limitations?

Well... yes, you are probably right... but Studio One is not a free product and to be honest - we can not make everyone happy. A demo version is meant for demonstrational purpose by definition. You should be able to get a basic idea of how Studio One looks and feels. And be assured, the save routines are all there and working properly, if you decide to take the next step.

Thanks for trying Studio One.